Thank you for your patience as we continue to review and update our forms, templates, guidance, and other information following the lifting of the COVID-19 vaccination updates. In the meantime, our Advisory and Support Centre is available to discuss any governance or employment matters on 0800 782 435, or alternatively by email  –  (for employment advice) or  (for governance advice).

Advisory and Support Centre

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NZSTA operates a national Advisory and Support Centre (ASC), which means all school boards can access free, expert advice from our employment and governance advisors. All enquiries are dealt with by our ASC staff who will be able to provide immediate advice and assistance. For more complex or sensitive issues, they will put you in touch with a Regional Adviser who can meet with you in person to help manage and resolve your governance or employment-related issue.

Our Regional Advisers are based in Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton, Porirua, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Boards are encouraged to contact the ASC team at the first sign of any problem, or simply to seek general advice. This service is free and confidential.

Governance matters

Feel free to call the advisory and support centre if you or your board would like help and assistance on topics relating to the board’s governance such as:

• elections and casual vacancies

• school board members’ roles and responsibilities

• meeting procedures

• student suspension procedures (at board level)

• concerns and complaints

• curriculum delivery issues

• charters /strategic plans

• governance framework / policies

• reporting, monitoring and self-review

• community consultation

• finance and property

• enrolment scheme

• health and safety

• Education and Training Act 2020

• privacy issues and information requests

• anything else that may be puzzling your board.


If our experienced advisers are unable to assist they can direct your enquiry to the correct agency.

Phone: 0800 782 435 (OPTION 1) or email us:

Employment matters

Our team of skilled advisers is available to assist school boards to deal with all personnel and employment issues, which may arise in the board’s role as the employer of the staff in their schools.


School boards, including principals in their employer role, are encouraged to utilise this confidential service at the first sign of any employment-related problem or for general enquiries relating to employment issues. This can include:

• human resources functions

• child protection measures relating to employment of staff (safety checking and police vetting)

• employment agreement coverage and interpretation

• employment legislation interpretation

• performance agreements/appraisals/job descriptions

• concerns and complaints

• personal grievance claims

• industrial disputes/strikes

• staff disciplinary issues

• staff competency issues

• the board as employer

• staff appointments

• organisational change

• suspension/dismissal of employee


If our experienced advisers are unable to assist they can direct your enquiry to the correct agency.

Phone: 0800 782 435 (option 2) or email us:

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