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Recent employment court decisions have brought about a renewed focus on the use of fixed term employment agreements (FTEAs) in schools. 

The board must have a policy and associated procedures in place to determine whether or not a vacancy will be filled on a permanent or fixed term basis.

The following resources will guide you through the requirements of fixed term employment. If you have a fixed term letter of offer template that you have been using, please do not continue to use it. It is important not to rely on your historical documentation. Before you make any fixed term employment offer, we strongly encourage you to review these web resources and contact our Advisory and Support Centre team. 

Please familiarise yourself with the information and new resources below 

FTEA Previous Webinars - Series 1:

FTEA Previous Webinars - Series 2:

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Before you make an offer of fixed term employment, we urge you to contact our team of employment advisors:
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