Pay Equity

There are 5 main stages of a pay equity claim:

  1. Raising the claim
    The union representing a particular occupational group will notify the Secretary of Education that, because most people working in these occupations are women, their work is likely to be undervalued and underpaid.
  2. Investigation of claimant role
    Ministry and the Union/s review a random sample of these staff from schools throughout New Zealand. They look at job descriptions and talk to the staff, their leaders/supervisors and principals to learn more about the work they are doing, including their skills, responsibilities, working conditions and demands.
  3. Investigation of comparator roles
    They research male-dominated occupations where similar skills, responsibilities, working conditions and demands are needed.
  4. Assessment/analysis of evidence
    They then compare the skills, responsibilities, working conditions and demands of the school staff and the comparator occupations, and look at how much each group is being paid for their work. Then they decide if the staff in those occupations mostly done by women are paid less than staff in those mostly done by men.
  5. Settlement
    If they find there is no gender-based discrimination the claim is denied. If they find there is gender-based undervaluation the parties will negotiate a settlement with fair remuneration. 

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Below you will find all the relevant information for the current Pay Equity claims we are assisting with.  

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