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The board will receive a letter from the Ministry of Education when its principal is eligible for one of the career structure payments.

Principal career structure payments are intended to encourage and recognise individual professional growth, leadership, and contribution of a principal. 

In order for the principal to receive the payments, they must reach the service criteria (of 3, 6, or 9 years) and have the board affirm they meet the criteria (which includes requirements of leadership, personal and school-wide professional development).


Primary career structure 

Payments require principals to present a portfolio of evidence, in addition to the board's affirmation. See primary career structure and career structure FAQs for more details on the process, criteria, and portfolio. This primary career structure template can be used by boards to assess if the principal fulfils the criteria. 


Area school and secondary 

Career structure payments do not require a portfolio but the board must still affirm the criteria have been met. Refer to area school and secondary career structure for more information about the process. This area school and secondary career structure template can be used by boards to evaluate if the criteria is satisfied.

Once the board is satisfied the criteria has been met, they should send a letter of affirmation to the Ministry to confirm this.


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