Sources of evidence

Ngā puna taunakitanga

Sources of evidence for the performance review

Listed below are some ways to measure whether the principal is satisfying the performance agreement's performance objectives, Standards for the Teaching Profession, professional standards and professional learning and development (PLD) objectives. This list is a guideline and not exhaustive.

  • Self-evaluation
  • Peer evaluation
  • Student achievements/exam results
  • Board members' comments
  • Staff input - a sample of staff selected for short interviews/surveys
  • Student input - a sample of students for short interviews/surveys
  • Comments (verbal, letters, email) received from community members
  • Principal's monthly board reports/annual report
  • School newsletters
  • School policies/handbooks
  • ERO reports
  • Analysis of variance report
  • Staff climate survey (how staff feel about the work environment)
  • Staff usage and expenditure (SUE) report
  • NZQA audits
  • Advice and guidance programme for provisionally registered teachers
  • Statistics on the number of staff leaving the school (turnover)
  • Exit interviews (finding out why staff are leaving the position)
  • Student records of truancy/suspension
  • Staff records of employment disputes/issues
  • Results of professional development activities
  • Educational plans for students with high needs
  • Enrolment information
  • Collection of school media exposure
  • Board minutes
  • Staff professional development summary
  • The condition of school property/finances
  • Professional organisation membership

Note: The methods of collection should be as neutral as possible. If surveying a sample of staff, that sample should be random, across a variety of roles. 

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