Using a consultant

Te whakamahi kaitohutohu

Using a consultant for principal performance reviews

Using an external consultant does not release the board from their responsibilities as an employer. The board is accountable for managing and monitoring the principal's performance.

If using a consultant, NZSTA recommends the board

  • Confirms the consultant understands the school's strategic plan, charter, objectives and performance agreement
  • Has a written contract, formalising the requirements, delegation and process for review
  • Ensures the consultant is using a broad range of evidence for the review
  • Works closely and collaboratively with the consultant
  • Receives a written report on performance review information and results
  • Asks the consultant how to improve areas requiring development and where to find the support needed
  • Questions the consultant to check the board understands the findings and recommendations

Qualities sought in an external reviewer

  • Educational expertise
  • Expertise in conducting performance reviews
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Process-oriented - follows a clear process in regards to evidence gathering, interviewing, evaluating and making recommendations
  • Independent and objective (no personal relationship with principal or board)
  • Personal integrity
  • Improvement focused - makes specific and challenging suggestions about day to day management, leadership, teaching
  • Knowledge of professional learning and development methods
  • Knowledge of Standards for the Teaching Profession
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