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NZSTA has designed all of its resources and professional development programmes around the four key components of effective school governance; accountability, leadership, representation, and the employer role. Please click on the videos below to view short videos from a range of speakers on these key components of governance.



The board takes its accountability for the performance of students and the school seriously and ensures that the school is well managed, well prepared and on track towards achieving its aims, objectives and targets.



Boards provide strategic leadership and direction to schools through the charter and policy framework which give direction to guide all school activities and decisions. Leadership involves setting direction, vision and strategy to ensure that every student achieves their educational potential.



School boards and individual trustees are elected to act in an independent, stewardship role on behalf of those who cannot sit around the board table. The representation role includes effective succession planning, options for governing, and the importance of effective and meaningful community consultation and engagement.


Employer Role

One of the most important responsibilities of the board is that of the legal employer of all school staff. The board is responsible for a range of decisions and tasks that arise during the employment relationship, including ensuring there are policies, plans and programmes in place to meet all requirements related to this role.

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