Learning Management System (LMS)

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What is the Learning Management System (LMS)?


LMS will enable you to do the following:
  • Track your record of learning – want to see what events you have attended? Well, now you can! Any events or online module you complete will now be recorded in one place.
  • Receive badges and certificates – the LMS will award you badges and certificates for milestones that you hit and for completing events.
  • Enrol for the events you want to attend.
  • See your professional development pathways – you can now follow your own personalised development pathways.


How do I know if I am registered for LMS?

An activation email for LMS was previously sent out to trustees for whom we have a unique email address. 

If you did not receive this, please email lms@nzsta.org.nz with your full name and school asking to be activated in the LMS. 


The governance professional development pathway

NZSTA offers a comprehensive governance professional development learning pathway - this will allow you to gain the essential knowledge you need to be an effective board member. The pathway will guide you through the required learning enabling you to contribute fully to your board’s work.

The pathway will guide you through each level of learning ensuring that the four critical aspects of governance are included. Check out the four critical aspects

The governance professional development pathway is made up of three levels of knowledge and practice. 

Professional development levels image

You will now be recognised for undertaking professional development

You can earn badges by completing assessments for each topic, with an overall level badge awarded by collecting all the compulsory topic badges. 

Certificates are also available to confirm attendance at a course or for completing an online module.

View the governance professional development pathway and LMS user guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enrol for a course?

Via the learning management system (LMS), using your personal LMS login. You then need to enrol in a curriculum (a selection of training options based on the type of trustee you are).
Click on the ‘My PD’ tab, then ‘Catalogue’ and enrol in the curriculum appropriate to you. You can then use the ‘Quicksearch’ tab to find and enrol in courses.

I don't have a login to LMS, how do I get one?

Please email lms@nzsta.org.nz with your full name, school and email address asking to be activated in LMS.

How do I activate my account?

An activation email will be sent to you. Follow the link and instructions within this email. The subject of this email is 'Welcome to NZSTA's Learning Management System'.

I have forgotten my password

Click on ‘Forgot Your Password?’ on the LMS login page, and follow the prompts to create a new one. You can only create a new password if you have previously created one.

What is a curriculum and why do I have to enrol in one?

A curriculum is a set of courses. When you list your position, you will be asked what your role on the board is and we will then be able to recommend events that are specific to your position.

How do I cancel my enrolment for a course?

Once logged in to LMS, click on the course and then press withdraw. You can also withdraw via the confirmation email you were sent when you enrolled on the course.

I have not activated my account and I can't find my email

Please contact us via email lms@nzsta.org.nz and we will re-send you the activation email.  

How can I transfer to another course?

Once logged in to the LMS, withdraw from the course you no longer want to attend and then you will be able to enrol in the right course.

Can I update my email address?

Yes. Please note that, in LMS, your email address is also your username, so this will change both. Simply log in to LMS, go to the LMS home tab, click on ‘Update Email’ and enter your new email address.

Evaluation for face-to-face (F2F) events

We want to ensure the courses we deliver meet your expectations and are valuable. After the completion of a course, we will send you a survey to complete. Your feedback enables us to ensure the best possible service. 

Why should I fill in an assessment?

The assessment is an important way to test your understanding on a specific topic. Completing an assessment also gives you a badge.

What does F2F mean?

It’s a ‘face to face’ event, delivered by one of our approved providers.

I am on more than one board. Can I list myself for multiple boards and positions?

Yes. Log in to LMS and click on the ‘My Boards’ tab to enter and update the boards you are currently a member of. You can also remove boards where you are no longer a member.

How can I find specific events?

In the Quick search tab in LMS you can search for event names and locations within a specified time period. 

How can I check if I am already enrolled for a course?

Once logged in to LMS, go to the ‘My PD’ tab and click on ‘View Future Events’ underneath the calendar.

Can I view my ongoing personal record of learning?

Once logged in to LMS, you can see your personal record of learning. This will show you:

• the courses you have attended/completed

• the badges you have received.

The ‘Courses and Certificates’ link provides a more detailed view of the courses you have enrolled in and attended.

Can our board secretary/administrator enrol board members on courses?

Each trustee needs to have their own individual login so they can have their own personal record of learning. However, there may be situations when others in your organisation manage your account for you – this is at your discretion.

Can I access my previous training?

This won’t be visible on LMS initially. We will keep trustees updated with any change to this situation in future.

In the interim, if the courses you previously attended have an online version, you can complete the online module on LMS – this will ‘tick’ that course off and be counted towards completing the curriculum (as you only have to do either the F2F or online module if a topic has both options).

What is the difference between an online module and a F2F course on the same topic?

If there are both F2F and online module options under a specific course, you are only required to complete one of these to get a badge – however, you can do both if you wish.

If a board wants to view an online module together, can it be recorded on each trustee's record?

No. If you view the module while logged in to an individual trustees’ LMS account, it will only be recorded as completed by that person.

How can I find specific courses?

Once logged in to LMS, you must first enrol in a curriculum – click on the ‘My PD’ tab, then ‘Catalogue’ and select the appropriate curriculum. You can then click on the ‘Quicksearch’ tab and search for course names and locations within a specified time period.

What are the first steps once I am logged in to LMS?

You will be asked to enter the boards you are currently a member of.

You then need to enrol in a curriculum (a selection of training options based on the type of trustee you are). Click on the ‘My PD’ tab, then ‘Catalogue’ and enrol in the curriculum appropriate to you. You can then use the ‘Quicksearch’ tab to find and enrol in courses.

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