2021 Student Representative Elections

2021 Student Representative Elections

Board of state and state-integrated schools with students above Year 9 must hold a student representative election in September each year (unless they have an approved alternative constitution that does not require one).

What boards need to do NOW:

  • Whatever date the board chooses, it must appoint a Returning Officer (RO) to manage the election process at least 63 days before the election date.
  • If you have chosen the recommended date (22 September), then you must appoint your RO by Wednesday 21 July.

Once appointed, the RO should use the election planner tool to generate key dates for the election process and register at the link below:

School Trustee Elections | Returning Officer registration (trustee-election.co.nz)

We’re here to help! NZSTA is here to help boards hold successful elections – whether they’re triennial, mid-term or student representative elections. We have resources and workshops to help you engage with your community about the role of boards and inspire people to stand for election.

We’re also producing a range of promotional resources – videos, school newsletter notices and updates, posters and social media posts. They’re available here.

Everything you need to run a successful election can be found on the School Trustee Elections website. 


Important notice for boards holding a school board election. Please pass onto your Returning Officer.

In a memo sent to boards in February 2021, we incorrectly stated that voting papers could be emailed to your school community. This is INCORRECT.

Whilst nomination information can be sent electronically, voting papers must be sent via post or personally issued.

This is because the requirement to supply a return envelope remains in place.

Changes to election regulations are available in more detail here.

All of the changes are also detailed in the amendment to the RO Handbook. We ask that all ROs access this document now. 


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