Board Matters - Term 3


Board Matters - Term 3, 2021

Haere mai and a warm welcome to Term 3, 2021!

We hope you’ve all had enjoyed a positive and productive first half of the year; we look forward to supporting and partnering with you as the year progresses.

NZSTA is always focused on how we can best support New Zealand school boards with relevant, practical, accessible, and consistent information, resources, and learning.

One of the new ways we will support you is through this, our new termly communication - Board Matters. Below you will find a summary of activities common to boards each term, along with links to relevant NZSTA resources and support.

We hope the following information is useful to your board and we welcome your feedback, suggestions, and ideas for our next issue! Please get in touch:

Access a PDF of this publication for printing here.

What’s happening for boards?

Board Checklist - Term 3
There are a number of common tasks undertaken by all boards in Term 3.

Check out what you need to do and the resources we've got to assist you. The full list is available here.


NZSTA Professional Learning Development (PLD)

We’re running the following workshops in Term 3:

  • Giving Effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi 
  • Strategic Planning and Reporting

Click on the tiles to find out more about each course and to register.

NZSTA's professional learning and development opportunities are provided free-of-charge to all school board members.


Employment Matters: Fixed-term Employment Agreements (FTEAs)

Recent employment court decisions have brought about a renewed focus on the use of FTEAs in schools. NZSTA has created a dedicated webpage containing information, resources and templates to help boards understand and meet their obligations as good employers. We have also hosted a series of webinars to enable discussion of FTEAs; recordings of these webinars is also available to view on the webpage – simply click here to access FTEA support.

Got an FTEA question? Then please get in touch with our team of employment advisors on 0800 782 435 (option 2) or by email: advice is confidential and free to all school boards.

All about elections!

Dates for the 2022 triennial school board elections have now been gazetted by the Ministry of Education. 

Elections must be held on and during the period from 2 May 2022 until 20 May 2022. 

The ‘common’ or recommended Election Day date is Wednesday 4 May 2022. 

Using this date is optional for your board, but it ensures that key dates in the election timetable fall on weekdays and during term time. Use our online election planner tool to work out the key dates in your 2022 Triennial Elections timetable.

Is your Board holding a by-election? Here’s some info to share with your Returning Officer!

New regulations for holding school board member elections came into effect in 2020. The regulations for school board elections were updated last year. The changes aim to modernise the election processes. 

One of the key changes introduced by these new regulations is:

The timeframe for any election is now 63 days. This includes all by-elections for parent, staff and student representatives.

You will need to use the updated online election planner tool and download the updated Returning Officers’ Handbook to ensure you are using the correct timeframes and resources. You can also view more about the board elections changes here.

Student Representative Elections 2021  - time to appoint your Returning Officer!

Boards of state and state-integrated schools with students above Year 9 must hold a student representative election in September each year (unless they have an approved alternative constitution that does not require one).

The recommended date for student representative elections is Wednesday 22 September. If you chose this recommended date, then you must appoint your returning officer by today Wednesday 21 July.

For more information on student representative elections, click here.

Membership Matters

One of the benefits of being a member of NZSTA is that you get invited to have your say on issues impacting the sector. NZSTA is currently working with government and sector stakeholders on a range of proposed changes. We invite you to get involved by telling us your thoughts on the following issues. Simply follow the links in our 1 July Membership Matters to learn more and submit your ideas:

Wellbeing and behaviour: We’re looking for your feedback on the board’s awareness of wellbeing or behaviour management programmes your school is currently working with. It should take about 2 minutes. The closing date for this feedback is Saturday 31 July 2021. Give feedback.

NZSTA’s Strategic Plan provides the blueprint for our future and we’re keen to get members’ input, ideas and feedback. Read the  draft strategic plan and send us your feedback by 31 July 2021. The link takes you to a brief survey that is designed to make it quick and easy for you to provide feedback

Code of conduct for school boards: Your feedback please
NZSTA is working with Te Tahuhu o te Matauranga | the Ministry of Education to create a code of conduct that will be binding on all school boards. This survey asks for feedback from NZSTA member boards on a possible draft for this code of conduct. Feedback from NZSTA member boards will inform the public consultation planned for later this year. 

Please note that the draft we are sharing with you has no official status and may differ from the final version that goes to Ministers for approval.

The closing date for this feedback is Monday 16 August 2021. Give feedback.

Please note, only NZSTA member boards will be able to access these links. 

Want to become an NZSTA member? Simply get in touch and we’ll make it happen!

Before you go…

Here’s a quick summary of your board’s key tasks for Term 3:

  • Run your student representative election (for schools with students above Year 9)
  • Conduct your mid-year
    • Principal performance review
    • Budget review
    • Student achievement review
  • Plan your health curriculum consultation (boards must do this every two years)
  • Continue community engagement around the review of your charter and strategic plan

Have you renewed your Copyright licence?

NZSTA administers Copyright Licensing on behalf of New Zealand’s print, music and screen rights agencies.

What is Copyright? Schools, like everyone in New Zealand, must comply with copyright laws, which cover the use, re-use and distribution of print, music and audio-visual content.

If you activate your Copyright licence before 31 August, you will receive 5% NZSTA membership discount. You can find out what level of Copyright licensing your school needs here:

You can also get in touch with us on 0800 663 486 or email


NZSTA exists to lead and strengthen school governance in New Zealand. Contact us for all governance and employment advice and support.

0800 782 435, option 1 for Governance, option 2 for Employment.

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