Thank you for your patience as we continue to review and update our forms, templates, guidance, and other information following the lifting of the COVID-19 vaccination updates. In the meantime, our Advisory and Support Centre is available to discuss any governance or employment matters on 0800 782 435, or alternatively by email  –  (for employment advice) or  (for governance advice).

For Action: Last chance to register for the Student Representative Online Workshop

Thanks to everyone who has registered their Student Representative for our online workshops  -we’ve had a great response and we’re looking forward to meeting them next week!

There are still places available, so if you haven’t done so already, please register your student rep now – or pass this information on to them so they can register themselves.

Simply click on a preferred date below:

These 90-minute activity-based learning sessions focus on the key aspects of board membership, including:

• Board roles, responsibilities, and policies
• Board meetings, conflicts of interest and committees
• Relationships with school staff and other students
• Interactive Q & A session

Feedback from student reps who have attended one of our workshops has been very positive, with many reporting that this workshop really helped them understand their role, the wider responsibilities of being a board member and helped them make a positive contribution to their board and school.   

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