Important Update: Extension for 2021 Elections impacted by COVID alert level changes

15 September 2021

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Extension for 2021 Elections impacted by COVID alert level changes

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, the Ministry of Education has granted an extension to a range of election timetables and processes, which were underway when the government made changes to COVID alert levels. This extension applies to the closing of nominations and all subsequent actions.

If any part of your election process had begun between 18 August and 8 September, and was then impacted by changes to your region’s alert level, then:

  • The close of nominations for your election is now Friday 24 September
  • Voting for your election will now close at 4pm on Wednesday 27 October

This extension applies to your kura or school if you were running:

  • your annual student representative election
  • a by-election for a staff or parent representative
  • the first election following establishment of the school
  • the first election following the revocation of an intervention.

This extension applies to schools OUTSIDE the Auckland region. Auckland schools are asked to continue to pause their election processes.

The following table indicates the new key dates for your election. You can also use the online election planner to plan and understand your key dates and required actions.


For more information on the Student Representative elections, click here
For more information on extensions for all other elections, click here

Need help with promoting your Student Representative Election?

NZSTA has created a range of resources to help boards promote student representative elections. They include posters encouraging students to nominate and vote, a video to share on your school’s website, Facebook and other digital and social media platforms and school newsletter content.

You can access these resources

NZSTA is always here to help – we have a dedicated team of advisors who can help you with all aspects of your election planning – triennials, by-elections, and staff and student representative elections. Take a look at theschool board elections website or get in touch for information and advice:


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