Lump sum payment to teachers paid under your school’s staffing entitlement

26 July 2019


Kia ora koutou,

In the Terms of Settlement that accompanied the finalisation of the collective agreements for the  primary, secondary and area school teachers there was an agreement by the Crown for a one-off gross payment of $1,500.00 to all eligible teachers who are union members.

The Novopay website has been updated to explain that any teacher paid under your school's staffing entitlement:

  • Who was an NZEI or PPTA union member when the Terms of Settlement were signed on 13 June, and who was still an active employee as at 01 July will automatically receive the lump sum payment on 31 July.
  • Secondary School short-term relievers need to have been a union member on 01 July.
  • Employees on paid leave (excluding teachers on approved Teacher Study Awards) or unpaid leave since 13 June have to apply for the lump sum individually when they return to their position providing that they return on or before 28 January 2020.

Board funded teachers:
Based on the wording of the Terms of Settlement, the Crown has also committed on behalf of school boards the payment of the lump sum for board funded teachers who are union members. The lump sum is to be funded from the board's operations grant. 

  • This payment needs to be made by Boards to all staff who are eligible according to the criteria set out for teachers paid under the school’s staffing entitlement.
  • As Novopay have stated that the $1,500 will be made in the current pay cycle approvals should be finalised by Boards to complete the payments at the same time to board-funded staff who are union members.

Lorraine Kerr
President/Acting CEO

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