Membership Matters 24 June

Date: 24 June 2020


We’re back!

It’s been a long couple of months. Like everybody else, we’ve found ourselves thrown into a series of situations that have required a very different focus and way of working. Some of our regular communications, such as STAnews and Membership Matters have taken a back seat to accommodate that.

As we edge back into our new normal, we’re picking those threads up again.


Thank you and well done to our team of 18,000

The first thing we want to do is to acknowledge the work that school trustees have done over the past 3 months to ensure that your principal and staff, your students and your wider school communities have had the support they’ve needed to get through the lockdown.

The pandemic response has, first and foremost, been a management response, spearheaded by our principals and senior staff. You have seen them through the first phase of lockdown, and the return to school. Much of the work that boards of trustees have done over this time has been invisible to the public and the media, but it has still been a critical part of our shared successes.

Thank you to all 18,000 or so of you on boards of trustees across the country, and well done.


Conference 2020/2021

As we have already advised, our annual national conference will not be going ahead in July this year. We are now working with our conference organisers to make sure next year’s event is worth the wait. Please watch this space for further details as we firm up these arrangements.


2020 Annual General Meeting to be held via Zoom on 5th September

Our 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was scheduled during Conference as usual, and we still need to hold it in spite of the change of circumstances. The NZSTA Board has confirmed that AGM 2020 will be held via Zoom on 5th September 2020. Your board will be receiving more information from us shortly about how to participate in this meeting. We will still require each member board to nominate a voting delegate for their board. Remit forms will be sent to schools shortly.


Board and President elections

NZSTA officeholder elections were held over the lockdown period, and for those of you who have not already seen them, the results are available on the Membership section of our website.

Congratulations to the successful candidates -

NZSTA President:                      Lorraine Kerr
NZSTA Board Members:           Richard Green              Joycelyn TM Tauevihi 
                                                  Chris Haines                 Meredith Kenneth  
                                                  Rebecca Wichmann     Jocelyn Merwood



We’re currently working on the next issue of STAnews. We would love to feature some of the stories of how your boards have coped with the COVID experience, and particularly lessons learned or different ways of working that you have discovered though the process. Please send us yours – a few words, a few sentences, or a few pages.


Education and Training Bill

The Education and Training Bill 2019, which will replace the Education Act, is due to pass through Parliament this week. We have been working our way through the changes Select Committee has made to the Bill. We are working on updating the relevant resources, and we will keep you informed about any changes for boards through our regular channels.


Paddling on – he waka eke noa anei

As we move into the next phase please remember that we are all still in the same boat. We are all still coming to terms with the upheavals of the last few months. We may have weathered the storm, but we are probably all still a bit tired and emotionally drained. Some of our families have had their lives disrupted, been separated from loved ones, and lost their jobs and incomes.

We are all likely to find things flaring up more quickly and more intensely than they usually would, and we’re likely to find that they get to us more than perhaps they should. Kindness is as important now as it has ever been. Please be kind to yourselves, your fellow trustees, your staff and students. Remember to breathe. Look at the roses, not what they’re growing in. Practise self-care. Spread some random acts of kindness. Together we will get through it.

Kia kaha, kia manawa, kia aroha.
Be strong, be resolute, be kind.

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Key information for boards of trustees and principals

Read the latest Pitopito Korero updates for boards and principals from Secretary for Education Iona Holsted.

Noho ora mai


Lorraine Kerr MNZM


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