Planning for change takes focus and time

Change to create schools that are physically and emotionally safe for all takes place over time, and requires hard work and commitment. The board sets the expectations for the principal (who is responsible for the school's day to day management) to achieve these changes and then checks that change is happening. It does this in several ways through the board's ongoing cycle of consultation, strategic planning, reporting, monitoring and review.

If you are wondering how your school measures up, the Wellbeing@School online application is a great place for the board to start. Have a look at the survey and other tools. These toolkits are designed to support schools to engage with the whole school community in a process of self-review. The goal is to build social wellbeing and relationships for all to:

  • create a safer climate that discourages aggressive and bullying behaviour
  • improve the way your school includes all students, and in particular, those with extra support needs.

View the Wellbeing toolkit
View the Inclusive practices self-review toolkit

Also, have a look through the different resources we have brought together under the Health and Safety topic. They aim to help the board ensure there are health and safety systems in place to proactively manage all health and safety risks of everyone at their school.

For more information view our Understanding health and safety page and also view the following sample policies on our 2018 governance framework: D1, D6, D7 and D8 to see how the board can ensure it meets its responsibilities around health, and physical and emotional safety (especially for staff and students).

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