Support Staff Overnight Payment

Support Staff Overnight Costs for School Camps and Trips

The Support Staff in Schools’ Collective Agreement 2019-22 and the Kaiārahi i te Reo, Therapists’, ATSSD and Special Education Assistants' Collective Agreement 2019 - 22 introduced new requirements for paying support staff attending overnight school camps and trips. These new payments are now required under employment law [refer: Ministry of Education school circular 2019/12].

This means that staff covered by these collective agreements who are working at an overnight camp or school trip are to be paid at minimum wage rates for those overnight hours, whether or not they are required to be awake and/or on duty.

The changes came into effect in December 2019 with the collective agreement settlements.  

The MoE have acknowledged that many schools may not have included these costs when planning camps that took place before the COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown. Accordingly, as a transitional arrangement, the MoE will reimburse your school for the cost of paying your support staff for overnight hours at camps attended from December 2019 up to the end of term 2 2020. From this point onwards each school will need to cover these costs when planning for any future overnight school camps and trips.

Eligible schools must submit a claim for reimbursement by 1 September 2020 and transitional funding will be provided as part of your October 2020 Operational Grant.

The joint Ministry/NZSTA guidance is available here, which includes how to make a claim for the transitional funding. 



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