Paid member union meetings (PUMs) 20 July–13 August


Paid member union meetings (PUMs) 20 July–13 August


Following  ratification of the teacher aide pay equity settlement, NZEI Te Riu Roa is holding PUMs for teacher aides covered by the pay equity settlement between 20 July and 13 August. 

These PUMs are to help teacher aides understand and receive advice on the translation and regrading process. Teacher aides in remote schools will meet via Zoom – NZEI Te Riu Roa will advise members in these schools directly about Zoom call details. There will also be the usual larger gatherings on a regional basis. 

There was an error in the PUMS  notification sent out last week. To clarify, coordinator roles are not part of the teacher aide pay equity claim, they fall under the administrative staff pay equity claim, which is currently in the investigation stage of the pay equity process. The teacher aide pay equity claim applies to teacher aides and anyone who does the work of teacher aides as described in the teacher aide pay equity work matrix- even if the role is called something different, such as ‘learning assistant’. The PUMs therefore are only for staff who are teacher aides.

Principals and boards will need to plan staffing levels to ensure they maintain service delivery during this period.  

This will also be an opportunity for NZEI Te Riu Roa to recruit teacher aides as union members. NZSTA recommends  principals address this proactively by letting all teacher aides know about the expectations of being informed in advance if any teacher aides are intending or thinking about going to one of these meetings. If a teacher aide  joins the union before attending the meeting, their membership has started from that moment.  

For details of the PUMs around New Zealand, please go to:

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