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Planning and reporting

The Education Amendment Act 2018 (EAA 2018) passed into law on 24 October 2018. The new planning and reporting framework for boards brought in by the Education (Update) Amendment Act 2017 now comes into effect at the beginning of 2020, not 2019, as was originally the case. The EAA 2018 also brings in a transitional process for boards as they adopt the new framework.

Other signalled changes are confirmed with the passing of the Act including:

  • Partnership schools | kura hourua no longer exist.
  • The legislative power for the Secretary of Education to set National Standards no longer exists.

For information about other changes in the Education Amendment Act 2018 go to:

Preparing for change in 2020 - What boards need to know now:

For boards now it will mostly be business as usual for 2019. When preparing and reviewing their charters, boards continue to apply the key strategic planning principles here.This will ensure their charter is strategic and focused beyond the 2019 year, for when the 2019 charter becomes the transitional strategic plan. You can find optional charter and analysis of variance templates here.

Summary of key planning and reporting changes for the board in 2020

From charter to 3-year strategic plan

  • From 2020, boards will no longer be required to have a charter
  • In 2020, the board's 2019 charter will automatically become the board's transitional strategic plan, which will not need to be re-submitted to the Secretary of Education
  • This document will stay in place until the Secretary approves the board's first 3-year strategic plan

From annual plan to annual implementation plan 

  • For 2020, boards will adopt an annual plan that will not need to be submitted to the Secretary.
  • In 2021 the board will prepare its annual implementation plan by a specified date
  • The annual implementation plan will not need to be submitted to the secretary annually but, like the annual report, must be available on the school’s internet

From analysis of variance to statement of variance 

  • The analysis of variance submitted in 2019 will be the board’s last
  • In 2020 boards will submit a statement of variance to the Secretary, possibly by 1 March 2020

New planning and reporting requirements 

These will come into effect as from the beginning of 2020. They will go into the Education Act 1989, schedule 6, as clauses 7-9

Planning and reporting regulations 

  • Planning and reporting regulations are expected to be introduced in 2019 following consultation
  • These regulations will further guide the board's planning and reporting responsibilities from 2020 onwards

Student performance 

From 2020 the board will have more explicit responsibility in the Education Act for ensuring the monitoring of and reporting on student performance.

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