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Te mahi mō te NZSTA

Mission statement

Our Mission is to Lead and Strengthen School Governance in New Zealand



New Zealand School Trustees Association is the most influential leader of effective school governance in Aotearoa, embodying the intent of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

This ensures that all schools are effectively governed so that every student realises their highest possible educational potential.


Core principles

  • Effective community-led governance.
  • Honour and embody the principles and obligations of Te Tiriti o Waitangi of participation, partnership and protection(1) which underpin education in New Zealand.
  • An equitably, and adequately, state funded system of education.
  • Membership is well respected, represented and supported.
  • To work with good intent and high integrity.

(1) Sir Hugh Kāwharu, 1991

Strategic objectives

a) Provide effective leadership

b) Fit for purpose resources and support

c) Value the skills of school trustees

d) Promote community and public understanding of the board’s governance role.

e) Provide high quality Professional Development

f) A sustainable and strengthened organisation for the future

g) Honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Core values

  • High - Expectations
  • High - Trust
  • High - Transparency
  • High - Accountability

Making a difference

Staff quotes

"The best thing about my job is interacting with people in education and knowing that you are helping them and you are making a positive difference for the children in NZ who are our future”Judith,  Adviser, Governance (Advisory and Support Centre) 

“The work we do makes a real and visible difference to students, communities, and society”– Mary, Adviser, Policy (Office of the President)

“Doing our job helps our most vulnerable citizens, our children”– Anna, Regional Governance Adviser (Central North Hub)

“We get the opportunity to work with so many people from all different backgrounds.  By supporting everyday NZ’ers to do their best for all students in our education system is a real privilege”  – Mel, Regional Manager (Central North Hub)




Staff quotes

“Our work is actually all about winning the minds of people, every day is different, and people react differently every time. This makes the variety of the work and the challenges it throws up endlessly interesting” – Chris, Regional Governance Adviser (Northern Hub)

“No situation that we deal with is ever like the one before” – Anna, Adviser, Governance (Advisory and Support Centre)

“Working with a wide range of customers, other stakeholder and our team on a huge variety cases” - Diane, Regional Employment Adviser (Northern Hub)

“The best thing about the work I do is the constant variety of task and people. I am in contact all day with passionate people who are committed to children’s education one way or another. No day is the same. You are always busy but not so much that it causes strain. Just a really good balance of work” - Stephanie, Regional Manager (Southern Hub)

The people

Staff quotes

“The organisation is one which is flexible, provides work-life balance, and it engages with its employees.  A place where people know who each other are and make an effort to connect.” - Mel, Regional Manager (Central North Hub)

“Te tangata, te tangata, te tangata.” - Steve, General Manager Business Services

“It is truly a collaborative organisation where we all get together and share ideas from across the country and from top-level management through to the shop floor.”– Anna, Regional Governance Adviser (Central North Hub)

“I love the contact with some of the lovely, caring principals and trustees we work with - a lot of them care very much about their kids.” -  Jackie, Adviser, Governance (Advisory and Support Centre)

“I like working for NZSTA because of the great people I work alongside.” - Rachael, Adviser, Governance  (Advisory and Support Centre)

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