Our purpose

Our mission is to lead and strengthen school governance in New Zealand.

To this end, NZSTA wants all state and state integrated schools effectively governed by a board of trustees whose primary focus is every student achieving their educational potential.



NZSTA constitution and policy framework

NZSTA's constitution is supported by its governing policies. The NZSTA policy framework comprises effective governance policies covering all aspects of the Association's strategic direction, including the Strategic Plan

View the NZSTA constitution 2019.

This framework, known as H-ETTA, is founded on the core values of

  • High - Expectations
  • High - Trust
  • High - Transparency
  • High - Accountability

H-ETTA by NZSTA is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License and based on work at NZSTA

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