Criteria for selection of Co-opted and appointed Trustees

Ngā Kaitiaki kua tonoa, kua whakatūria hoki

Section 99 of the Education Act 1989 sets out the following criteria for selecting co-opted and appointed trustees

  1. It is desirable, so far as is reasonably practicable,

a) that every board should reflect - 

i.   the ethnic and socio-economic diversity of the student body of the school or institution; and

ii.  the fact that approximately half the population of New Zealand is male and half female; and

iii. the character of the school or schools, or institution, it administers; and

iv. the character of the community (whether geographical or otherwise) served by the school or schools, or institution, it administers, and

c) that every board should have available from within its membership expertise and experience in management.

3. A board or person, when co-opting or appointing trustees, shall have regard to subsection (1).


Proprietor appointed trustees

The board of a state integrated school must have 4 trustees appointed by the proprietor. 

These trustees are appointed by the proprietor to assist in preserving the special character and property of the school. The trustees are full members of the board and have equal voice, vote and accountability as with any trustee.

Eligibility criteria as set out in Section 103 applies to proprietor appointees. 

The proprietor may consent to a reduction in the number of trustees they are entitled to appoint. In these circumstances, the board would then have options of reducing the number of parent trustees, leaving these positions vacant, or co-opting another trustee onto the board.


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