Understanding the work of the board

Ko te mārama ki ngā mahi a te poari

As a board, you need to understand your full range of responsibilities to perform well. The good news is the key work areas of every school board are set out in law and cover important governance-related areas such as strategic leadership and setting the vision for your school, legal compliance, policy development and defining the delegations of your principal. 

In a nutshell, you are responsible for school leadership and strategy and for having the policies and processes in place to monitor and report on your school’s progress and to engage with your school community.

Not sure where to start? Scroll down and keep reading! You may also want to sign up for the NZSTA professional development programme or contact us with your questions. The good news is there’s plenty of help and support available from NZSTA to help guide you.

Your responsibilities as a board 

As a board, you are responsible for showing leadership and taking a strategic view of your work programme. You also need to clearly understand how to monitor your progress, report back on your performance and engage your community as you need to.

For more information on how this all works have a look at NZSTA's membership publication Trusteeship: A guide for school trustees. You can also check out this School Trustees Booklet - Helping you ask the right questions.

What you need to know about the work of the board

As a board, you are responsible for seven key work areas, which are:

  • development and ongoing review of the school charter.
  • monitoring and reviewing your school’s progress.
  • putting in place a policy framework.
  • employing the principal.
  • managing assets.
  • ensuring your school’s legal compliance.
  • implementing the National Education Guidelines. 


Why understanding the work of the board is important

Being clear about your work programme will ensure you fulfil your legal responsibilities and stay focused on student achievement. It will also help every board understand your goals for the year ahead. Remember, NZSTA is here to help. So, get in touch if you need help and advice at any time.


Where to find information about the work of the board

The board’s governance framework is a written document setting out the policies by which your school is to be governed and managed. As such, it can be a great tool to use to guide the work of the board. 


How to add new work to the board’s responsibilities

As a board, you can take on additional functions (extra to the seven key areas outlined above) as you see fit and as part of the process of reviewing and updating your policy framework.

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